It would be nice to disappear

Gone in smokes

Location, unclear.

It would be nice to disappear

To cease to exist

To stop the resist

It would be nice to disappear

To take a break and come back later

Or if I have the choice, maybe never


Dear A,

Dear A,

We might never know why

We crossed paths,

Why it happened while 

We are on the opposite sides
You came in a time

I wasnt sure what I’m looking

Too jaded to remember 

My made-up prince charming
You got that friendly face

And that dream man attitude

You got that good boy facade

And that irresistable intellectuality
You reminded me 

of my goals

You reminded me 

Not to settle for what is available
You’re my 2017 reminder,

Impossible is not a word

In the Lord’s vocabulary

We might just be two lines crossing

In a lifetime of trajectories

But I must let you know

You are my favorite coordinate

Might it end in tragedy

My heart

My heart may be anxious

But it is a heart that seeks You

My heart may be fickled

But it is a heart that keeps coming back

To You

My heart may not always be guarded

But it is learning everyday

My heart may not be the most loving

But it is always honest 



We keep looking for the next big thing,

We feel lost when we are not going,

We always want the breakthroughs,

All-at- once

No waiting period,

Just succeeding climaxes.


One day

One day, 

        You’ll be someone’s warmest place 

One day,

        You’ll be someone’s best decision

One day,

        You’ll be someone’s most awaited notification

One day,

        You’ll be someone’s #blessed-reason


On the Process

On the process

That’s how I would like to describe the life that I have right now

On the process

Of loving myself

Of accepting who I am

My hits and my misses

My beauty and my bruises

My intelligence and ignorance

My passion and disinterests

My achievements as well as the set backs,

On the process of waiting

For my big break

Career climax


And the love of my life

On the process of growing.



She has the wildest mind

A factory of ideas,

Maker of unlikely stories

She has the biggest heart

Lover of minute details,

Emphatic to the oddest balls

She has the loudest laugh

Bearer of the corniest joys,

Painter of colorful grins

She has the daintiest hands

And if no one would write about her

Then these dainty hands

Would do the scribbling



It’s a matter of awe when you suddenly find yourself connected to someone. 

When he suddenly becomes a part of your day, may it be large or small in scale

It is nice to know that he trusts you with sacred parts of him

Things you never thought he would share

But getting twisted by his words, his actions and secrets

Overthinking what they mean and what you mean to him

These are the thoughts that aren’t covered by awe.

These are thoughts restricted by fear yet nourished by hope



Life, as we go through it,

is a series of beautiful,

although often times confusing,

We crave for stability

Yet we abhor redundancy

We promote uniqueness

Yet we criticize those who choose

to be diffirent


Do Not Give Up

Do not give up

Things might be a mess 

right now

You seem to always 

take two steps back,

After a feeble step forward

But that shouldnt stop you from trying

If your life would just all be about

you trying

Then so be it

Failure is not about not succeeding,

It is about  giving up when

there’s still an alphabet of plans

in front of you.