My heart

My heart may be anxious

But it is a heart that seeks You

My heart may be fickled

But it is a heart that keeps coming back

To You

My heart may not always be guarded

But it is learning everyday

My heart may not be the most loving

But it is always honest 


One day

One day, 

        You’ll be someone’s warmest place 

One day,

        You’ll be someone’s best decision

One day,

        You’ll be someone’s most awaited notification

One day,

        You’ll be someone’s #blessed-reason


Do Not Give Up

Do not give up

Things might be a mess 

right now

You seem to always 

take two steps back,

After a feeble step forward

But that shouldnt stop you from trying

If your life would just all be about

you trying

Then so be it

Failure is not about not succeeding,

It is about  giving up when

there’s still an alphabet of plans

in front of you. 


That’s when

Once my head hits the bed
That’s when the insecurities begin to trickle in
Once I close my eyes
That’s when all the flaws become glaringly clear
Once I try to lighten my breathing
That’s when I get suffocated of the “what ifs”


To that girl who has always made me proud,
Let me just say,
I love you.
Even if sometimes you don’t see your worth
Or even if you try to compare yourself to others
I love you
And if no one would love you as much as you hope, one day soon
It’s ok, the Lord’s got you
And me, one and only you.



Forgive them for their words that hurt you,
Forgive yourself for being that  way, at one point in your life
Or for letting them hurt you
Forgive them even if you’re still hurting
Forgive them as long as you are hurting.
Forgive. Forgive. Forgive
Give it to yourself to forgive



Glasses clinking
Fireworks bursting
Our hearts hoping
Our souls leaping

As the new year starts
We all hope for a clean slate
Not that it is impossible mid-year
But because we are beings
Who want the tangibles

But hopefully this year
Our treasures gained
Wont be about material, disposable, tangible things

But treasures of the heart
Treasures that would make your life full
Your soul glow
Your character resilient
And your heart compassionate

For nothing is more valuable
Than a life unmeasured by the society
But by the hearts and lives you’ve shone your light brightly

“Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established”- Proverbs 16:3



This is the battle I’ve been gearing up for
A battle I thought I could single-handedly conquer and win
But I never thought I’d be too rusty
Or that the time I alloted wouldn’t be enough for a breath and a wink
But through this battle,
I also get to realize how reliant I am of the most high
That no matter how much effort I give
It is still He who would determine the path I’ll be taking
And that whatever is impossible for me, would be possible for my Lord of possibilities
The creator of all things
The captain of my soul
And the sanctuary wherein I could rest
And be sure that no matter where I get it is He who is with me.



As I lay on bed and contemplate
On my actions throughout the day
I get bothered by those times
Which I missed the mark.
And from what I’ve seen
It’s the same mark I keep on missin’

Sometimes i would be able to steer clear,
control my limbs and turn away
But there are times that I’m like a freight train and ‘missing the mark’ is like its last stop.

But I guess that’s what happens when I’m the one steering
When I’m so focused to perfect the twist and turns of the wheels to reach my destination
When in reality it’s already set by the captain
I just got to have faith in Him.