My heart

My heart may be anxious

But it is a heart that seeks You

My heart may be fickled

But it is a heart that keeps coming back

To You

My heart may not always be guarded

But it is learning everyday

My heart may not be the most loving

But it is always honest 


Just because no one seems to be interested in me doesn’t mean that I am not worthy.
Just because I haven’t been asked on a date by guys doesnt mean I would never be in one
Just because some other people get to be complimented by people and  I don’t, doesn’t mean I don’t have any good qualities
Just because I am a lot bigger than most girls, doesn’t mean I would never fit someone’s ideal
Just because I havent experienced anything about love or romance doesnt mean that it is the end or that my life doesnt measure up to those who had
My life’s worth and my worth doesnt depend on what most people deem to be appropriate or what the society thinks is right or what I think is right.
I dont need to compare myself.
I just have to love me, thoroughly and uncomditionally.

Always kissing

With words I play,
So that I might I say
The things I have in my heart
That I cant seem to part

They have the rhythm
And my hymns within
All, inspired by you
Made for you, too

They have the scribbles
of my love
That hopefully would nibble
Your heartstrings like a dove

They sing about the stars
Which varies in heat
But in the nightsky they leave their marks
And sparkle in repeat

Just like how I feel
Tugs in my heart which makes it reel
Screaming and moaning
Serenading and humming

For my love for you is both passionate and stable
Needy yet capable
Ravenous yet giving
And always kissing.