Mind is racing

Turning in diffirent directions

What if

 what should


and what about now?


Focus on the people who matter

Focus on the people who appreciates you

Focus on being authentic

Focus on the identity you have in the Lord

Focus on your good attributes

Focus on the great thinhs that you have whether they see it or not


Sometimes, I wish that I am not as invested with my body as I am.

Sometimes, I wish that I just don’t care about other’s feelings.

Sometimes, I wish that I dont pay attention to every detail people say in a conversation

Sometimes, I wish that I don’t set it in me to strive for authenticity, even if it means brutal honesty, in myself

Sometimes, I wish that I just dont care. Period. 

Sometimes. Some times. 



Life, as we go through it,

is a series of beautiful,

although often times confusing,

We crave for stability

Yet we abhor redundancy

We promote uniqueness

Yet we criticize those who choose

to be diffirent


Do Not Give Up

Do not give up

Things might be a mess 

right now

You seem to always 

take two steps back,

After a feeble step forward

But that shouldnt stop you from trying

If your life would just all be about

you trying

Then so be it

Failure is not about not succeeding,

It is about  giving up when

there’s still an alphabet of plans

in front of you. 


Just because no one seems to be interested in me doesn’t mean that I am not worthy.
Just because I haven’t been asked on a date by guys doesnt mean I would never be in one
Just because some other people get to be complimented by people and  I don’t, doesn’t mean I don’t have any good qualities
Just because I am a lot bigger than most girls, doesn’t mean I would never fit someone’s ideal
Just because I havent experienced anything about love or romance doesnt mean that it is the end or that my life doesnt measure up to those who had
My life’s worth and my worth doesnt depend on what most people deem to be appropriate or what the society thinks is right or what I think is right.
I dont need to compare myself.
I just have to love me, thoroughly and uncomditionally.


When everything seems about to close in
When they say that chances has become slim
When voices urge my heart to keep on worrying
When my mind can’t find peace and keep on running
I promise to draw in all the strength left in me
And choose to trust the Lord
For there is no one who could calm the storm
And no one would fight for me
Like the Son of God, Jesus Christ.


Not stuck

I’ve always been a girl who dreams to live
See the world and experience life
I dont need it to be easy
Just not stagnant and stuck
I dont need to be filthy rich
But full of memories and life lessons
New friends, new culture
New purpose and new capabilities
I want a fresh start, even if it is standing on unsteady wobbly legs
Just, please, not stuck
Slumped at the same spot


We All Have

We all have fears. Be it of the distant future or of the next few hours.

We all have these emotions. Whether we know its roots or just simply a bout hormonal

We all have aspirations
May it be for ourselves or the people in our hearts

We all have goals
Whether it is something long term or just for a whim

We all have. And sometimes we dont have to validate these things. We dont have to analyze. We dont have to criticize. We dont have to define. We dont have to rig it with time. We just have to let it be.


That’s when

Once my head hits the bed
That’s when the insecurities begin to trickle in
Once I close my eyes
That’s when all the flaws become glaringly clear
Once I try to lighten my breathing
That’s when I get suffocated of the “what ifs”