She has the wildest mind

A factory of ideas,

Maker of unlikely stories

She has the biggest heart

Lover of minute details,

Emphatic to the oddest balls

She has the loudest laugh

Bearer of the corniest joys,

Painter of colorful grins

She has the daintiest hands

And if no one would write about her

Then these dainty hands

Would do the scribbling


My Sun.

It’s one of those days that it hits home how much I miss you  dad.
How I look forward to see you walking towards me as you come home from work.
How you remind me to brush my teeth before I hit the  sack.

My days have light
But it wasn’t as bright
Since you’d left.
Because you’ve always been my sun
Shining brightly, guiding my path
The one I worship, love and respect
And now the one I would always look forward to meet again
When my time comes.


Seriously, who set the standard of beauty we have today?
Who let us be conditioned to one set of beauty?
Why did we let them?
Why did the older generation let it happen?
And why is it, no matter how much we set up campaigns to open up the world to more realistic,
More vibrant, kind of beauty
We all still secretly aim for the beauty in print and flashed in the screens?

Goal: Happiness

We live in a world where Happiness is the number one priority.

Happiness at any cost
Happiness at our own way,
whenever or wherever we want it.
Happiness that is self-centered
Happiness that equates to self-respect.
Because self-respect according to the internet philosophers
is about doing whatever you want to do
without giving a “f*ck,sh*t,d*mn” to anyone
as long as you’re happy.
With the first commandment as:
Thou shall not criticize one’s Happiness. ( for it is easily offended)

So the question now is
Why do we live in a miserable world with individual Happiness as its primary goal?