Life has been,

quite overwhelming

The bustle of a day,

like a measured set of strings

One miss,

And your craft is not worth anybody’s ears



We are like clowns,

Juggling things in circus

One, two, three

That’s easy

Four, Five, Six

I can do this but with sweat tricklin’

Seven, eight,nine, one hundred

Fasten that smile, everyone is watching


My heart

My heart may be anxious

But it is a heart that seeks You

My heart may be fickled

But it is a heart that keeps coming back

To You

My heart may not always be guarded

But it is learning everyday

My heart may not be the most loving

But it is always honest 


Sometimes, I wish that I am not as invested with my body as I am.

Sometimes, I wish that I just don’t care about other’s feelings.

Sometimes, I wish that I dont pay attention to every detail people say in a conversation

Sometimes, I wish that I don’t set it in me to strive for authenticity, even if it means brutal honesty, in myself

Sometimes, I wish that I just dont care. Period. 

Sometimes. Some times. 

When everything seems about to close in
When they say that chances has become slim
When voices urge my heart to keep on worrying
When my mind can’t find peace and keep on running
I promise to draw in all the strength left in me
And choose to trust the Lord
For there is no one who could calm the storm
And no one would fight for me
Like the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Goal: Happiness

We live in a world where Happiness is the number one priority.

Happiness at any cost
Happiness at our own way,
whenever or wherever we want it.
Happiness that is self-centered
Happiness that equates to self-respect.
Because self-respect according to the internet philosophers
is about doing whatever you want to do
without giving a “f*ck,sh*t,d*mn” to anyone
as long as you’re happy.
With the first commandment as:
Thou shall not criticize one’s Happiness. ( for it is easily offended)

So the question now is
Why do we live in a miserable world with individual Happiness as its primary goal?


What I crave right now
Are long conversations
Unguarded and liberated
Lines after lines of your unfiltered thoughts
Knowing that someone is eager to hear it
Consume all those conspiracies
Or your first-hand life lessons
Then as to show their gratitude, they would share their own thoughts
The ones in-line and the exctiting curb-balls
The debates that spring from it
Aim not to prove one wrong
But, rather, widen your horizon
No judgement just an exhilarating excercise
Made of facts, opinions, hypotheses, personal whims and passion
Fueled by a piping cup of caffeine


When I was a kid
Feeding like a wee babe
I only understood the words
Love, Trust, and a bit of Hope

When I could take some solid food
I was able to grasp more Hope
And what Faith is, and how to spread the Love

Now that I’m feeding myself to be stronger
Waiting and Giving the Glory to Him
are what my palletes trying to understand
Sometimes I just let it in without really tasting

But with a good serving
I realized that what it tastes like
It is knowing the greatness that was able to come from us
Isnt because we are great
But because we have a Great God

A God who could make something big out of nothing
A God who values even the wretch that we are
A God who could right all our wrong turns
Wouldn’t condemn us but would just lovingly say “recalculating”
‘Til we get to His appointed place

A God who would pick up our broken pieces
And make our lives into wonderful masterpieces
The shattered, the better
As long as we lay it all to Him
To fix it up and and bury it in His heart within