This is the battle I’ve been gearing up for
A battle I thought I could single-handedly conquer and win
But I never thought I’d be too rusty
Or that the time I alloted wouldn’t be enough for a breath and a wink
But through this battle,
I also get to realize how reliant I am of the most high
That no matter how much effort I give
It is still He who would determine the path I’ll be taking
And that whatever is impossible for me, would be possible for my Lord of possibilities
The creator of all things
The captain of my soul
And the sanctuary wherein I could rest
And be sure that no matter where I get it is He who is with me.



When I was a kid
Feeding like a wee babe
I only understood the words
Love, Trust, and a bit of Hope

When I could take some solid food
I was able to grasp more Hope
And what Faith is, and how to spread the Love

Now that I’m feeding myself to be stronger
Waiting and Giving the Glory to Him
are what my palletes trying to understand
Sometimes I just let it in without really tasting

But with a good serving
I realized that what it tastes like
It is knowing the greatness that was able to come from us
Isnt because we are great
But because we have a Great God

A God who could make something big out of nothing
A God who values even the wretch that we are
A God who could right all our wrong turns
Wouldn’t condemn us but would just lovingly say “recalculating”
‘Til we get to His appointed place

A God who would pick up our broken pieces
And make our lives into wonderful masterpieces
The shattered, the better
As long as we lay it all to Him
To fix it up and and bury it in His heart within 


As I lay on bed and contemplate
On my actions throughout the day
I get bothered by those times
Which I missed the mark.
And from what I’ve seen
It’s the same mark I keep on missin’

Sometimes i would be able to steer clear,
control my limbs and turn away
But there are times that I’m like a freight train and ‘missing the mark’ is like its last stop.

But I guess that’s what happens when I’m the one steering
When I’m so focused to perfect the twist and turns of the wheels to reach my destination
When in reality it’s already set by the captain
I just got to have faith in Him.

Empty spaces

There are empty spaces within me
Could be my pockets
Or my wallet
Sometimes, even my mind

But one thing I was never
Was to want
Because You fill me
And had my heart full and content

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul.
-Psalm 23:1-3

This verse couldnt be more true in my life right now. Hope everyone would have a great day as mine. 🙂 ♥♥♥

Your Commands

The commands You’ve given makes my heart feel stricken
It restricts it, ’til it’s bursting and my body, rebelling

But I guess my mind is missing something
Something important, that would change everything

What I thought as power tripping
All these time, was just you Loving

Loving us by drawing us near to you
These commandments in different hues
Set to give us life,
so that we could take the world in stride

These commandments that before, to me, were constricting
Now, are the very ones, to my soul are freeing.

Perfect Timing


As I look back on what this year has taught me, I realized that it is to be patient and faithful.

There were a lot of goals I’ve set and achieved this year, and there a lot more to be fulfilled. Some achievements were pushed back and even made me doubt if I would be able to make it, alas my God made it happen and was in the perfect timing too.

At that time as I was waiting and feeling frustrated He kept on reminding me that as long as I made good on my part, then I shouldn’t fret for He would do His part and would even exceed my expectations. And He did. It might not be on my projected time but it happened on His time.

So why am I writing this? It is because He is making me wait again. My timetable has been pushed and reshuffled again and I seem to be in a crossroad, career-wise. And this is a reminder that whatever reasons the Lord has, that it is for my own good. For He knows the plans He has for me. Plans to make prosper and not harm me. And I would hold on to that.  And I know that this is also His way of making me more patient for everyone who knows me, knows that i’m not.

So Gel, be PATIENT and TRUST the Lord. And do not be anxious. He got this.