We keep looking for the next big thing,

We feel lost when we are not going,

We always want the breakthroughs,

All-at- once

No waiting period,

Just succeeding climaxes.


One day

One day, 

        You’ll be someone’s warmest place 

One day,

        You’ll be someone’s best decision

One day,

        You’ll be someone’s most awaited notification

One day,

        You’ll be someone’s #blessed-reason

On the Process

On the process

That’s how I would like to describe the life that I have right now

On the process

Of loving myself

Of accepting who I am

My hits and my misses

My beauty and my bruises

My intelligence and ignorance

My passion and disinterests

My achievements as well as the set backs,

On the process of waiting

For my big break

Career climax


And the love of my life

On the process of growing.