Dear Angel,

  Just so you know, It’s okay. It’s ok to be hurt when other people would say mean things about your body. It’s ok that others wouldnt find you fitting in their definition of beautiful. It’s ok to be bigger than anyone else. It’s ok because you are better than that. You are not defined by your body. You’re not defined by their standards. If they weren’t there while you’re  struggling to lose weight then they shouldnt be there when you are starting to get comfortable with your skin. They shouldnt have a say whether you gained or lost or whether you should be proud or ashamed of your body. You are not a body, you are a soul with a body.

Yeah it might be frustrating that others dont recognize the result of your hardwork but, so what? You didnt do it for them. Dont let their words get to you. Be hurt but get over it and forgive them. Show them that being bigger means a bigger heart. 

Chin up! You are wonderfully and fearfully made.




When nostalgia meets melancholy
That only means your memories came back to me
Those beautiful moments shared with the biggest smiles and sighs
With the fullest hearts and most wowed minds
But the same memories that made it soul-shatteringly painful to let you go

My Sun.

It’s one of those days that it hits home how much I miss you  dad.
How I look forward to see you walking towards me as you come home from work.
How you remind me to brush my teeth before I hit the  sack.

My days have light
But it wasn’t as bright
Since you’d left.
Because you’ve always been my sun
Shining brightly, guiding my path
The one I worship, love and respect
And now the one I would always look forward to meet again
When my time comes.