Women were more than the status of their hymen and their dress size.

-Kaitlyn Parker, Heat by Penny Reid


The girl

She’s a dreamer
The happy-ending kind of girl
The one who would smile,
despite trials
The one who’s pretty
Maybe not physically
But where it matters, definitely
She’a also smart and witty
But not an airhead that flaunts it
She’s scared not just of heights
But also on missing out
She’s the girl who’s in love with you
And your bestfriend waiting for her shot too


When i was young
Dreamy and pure
I’ve wished that you’d come
Sweep me off my feet.

When I was a teen
Trying to be cool
And understood
I wanted you to knock on my window
And sneek me back home
At the break of dawn

When I got in college
Trying to have myself together
Looking chic while trying new drinks
I wanted you to escort me through the crowd
In my sequined dress
And high-heeled pumps,
Looking like a hot mess

But now that I’m facing real life
Paying my bills
While eating fancy meals
I just wanna curl-up on you
After a long-day’s work
And tell you how I’ve missed you.


Back in the day
My dad would say
To be smart
Would put you on top

Smart girls know their way
How to handle things
And that’s what attracts a fine man
So i strived for that

Years on
I’m finally smart
Knows my way
And handles things well

So I guess my dad’s right
Except for the ‘fine man’ part
For being smart, you see,
I realized that men, fine or not,
Doesnt really go for the smart
But rather with the tart.


As I lay on bed and contemplate
On my actions throughout the day
I get bothered by those times
Which I missed the mark.
And from what I’ve seen
It’s the same mark I keep on missin’

Sometimes i would be able to steer clear,
control my limbs and turn away
But there are times that I’m like a freight train and ‘missing the mark’ is like its last stop.

But I guess that’s what happens when I’m the one steering
When I’m so focused to perfect the twist and turns of the wheels to reach my destination
When in reality it’s already set by the captain
I just got to have faith in Him.