People around me tend to thread carefully when I tell them my beliefs
They seem to think I would judge them base on it
When in reality they are the ones doing it
I’m not brainwashed
Or even a slave
to my parent’s belief
I am on my own when i chose this,
And I choose Him



We are all witnesses
Audience to their everyday crime
Day after day after day
We see, we consume, we gobble up
the brutality
So much,
That the blood
Doesnt just cover their hands
But also ours.


I would like to introduce him
But realized, you already know Tim

Well you see,
Tim is in you and me
Living inside us
With his green eyes

He is the guy who bobs his head
Whenever you sed pictures of your friend
Mostly in facebook and instagram
Smiling widely in front of the cam

Pictures looking straight from the books
Showing you their good life and looks

You would look at it with Tim
And later on feel like your life is a bit dim


When she first met him
Chaos happened inside her
Her eyes knew just by looking at her glasses’ rim
That he is diffirent from those of the others

He is like a nightmare wrapped as Christmas present
A warning written on a hallmark card

He is the vice her mother has warned her about
And the fire she swore to herself, she would never have a round

But one look and she’s already drawn
One smile and its like the light at the end of dawn

And with that she made a pact
That she’ll have the fire have a lick on her
Until she had a third degree burn