If dreams are written on my diary
And goals are written on chalkboards
Then frustration is written on my face
And disappointment on yours.



As the place sparkle with lights
Shining and twinkling
My heart beats as fast
Thumping and throbbing

For each round of carols
Hymns and melodies around
I hear our memories roll
Your voice and laughter abound

As I look at all the gifts
Wrapped with glitz and laces
My loves, as my eyes lift
Plastered with smiles on their faces

But then I search for you
Expecting the widest grin
Because Dad I miss you
And that’s a bit grim

Your Commands

The commands You’ve given makes my heart feel stricken
It restricts it, ’til it’s bursting and my body, rebelling

But I guess my mind is missing something
Something important, that would change everything

What I thought as power tripping
All these time, was just you Loving

Loving us by drawing us near to you
These commandments in different hues
Set to give us life,
so that we could take the world in stride

These commandments that before, to me, were constricting
Now, are the very ones, to my soul are freeing.

To Live

Because tonight i feel melancholic
Wishing my life’s a bit different
Not that i’m ungrateful
I just want to live

A strip of that good life of rest
Would sustain me for a while
A patch full of laughter
Would be enough to dry my eyes

My heart that aches with jealousy
Breaks with each snap my eyes linger on
I feel so restrained and lousy
While others are on  perpetual fun