This blog has always been a way for me to express myself. Usually through poems but I would like to write more, and these days creative juice for poems aren’t flowing, so I have decided I would write about stuff that has made an impact on me. And this would probably be more for me, more than engaging others with it.

But if there would be people out there who would be able to relate or just be interested, it would be great. And I encourage that people would leave some of their own opinions or ideas,may it agree or disagree with my own.

To writing!


Dear A,

We had a year of hope

A year of fun

A year of friendship

And a year of love

You are the best thing in my 2018

May you still be the best thing in my 2019

But if life would decide it is time for us to part ways

Let it be known

That You would always be my best answered-prayer

Life has been,

quite overwhelming

The bustle of a day,

like a measured set of strings

One miss,

And your craft is not worth anybody’s ears



We are like clowns,

Juggling things in circus

One, two, three

That’s easy

Four, Five, Six

I can do this but with sweat tricklin’

Seven, eight,nine, one hundred

Fasten that smile, everyone is watching

Dear A,

Dear A,

We might never know why

We crossed paths,

Why it happened while 

We are on the opposite sides
You came in a time

I wasnt sure what I’m looking

Too jaded to remember 

My made-up prince charming
You got that friendly face

And that dream man attitude

You got that good boy facade

And that irresistable intellectuality
You reminded me 

of my goals

You reminded me 

Not to settle for what is available
You’re my 2017 reminder,

Impossible is not a word

In the Lord’s vocabulary

We might just be two lines crossing

In a lifetime of trajectories

But I must let you know

You are my favorite coordinate

Might it end in tragedy


Today I decided that I wont go to the gym

That I will eat that pint of ice cream

That I will watch and read all those scenes

That I will let myself feel

That I wouldnt think

That I wouldn’t worry

That just for today, I wouldn’t be bothered

That my dreams and goals will still be my dreams and goals

But I’ll just take a step back

Just for today.